_mg_96118Obsidian Systems, the leader in open source technology development, services and solutions, has cemented its support of South Africa’s DevOps community with confirmation that it will be participating in the Africa DevOps 2016 conference scheduled for 29 September. Read the rest of this entry »

rob-brownLongstanding partners DRS, a Cognosec company and Intel Security, will be hosting a roundtable to discuss information security and the issues and challenges it raises for financial services organisations, and other businesses in South Africa. This is the latest initiative on the part of the two companies to share their extensive combined knowledge and expertise with corporate South Africa. Read the rest of this entry »

richard-firthAs companies continue on their journeys of digital transformation, the way business is being conducted is fundamentally changing. Gone are the days when consumers had to wait for operating hours to get information, or when they required a physical, human interaction in order to complete a transaction. Read the rest of this entry »

lutz_imageIt’s common knowledge that data breaches are growing in intensity and sophistication. Scarcely a week passes without the news of some high-profile attack or another flooding the headlines. What makes the situation worse is the fact that the cost of breaches continues to rise. Read the rest of this entry »

Connectivity unravelled

Posted: September 22, 2016 in IT Spread
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brad1The world of connectivity which surrounds South Africa is fraught with political charge, economic complexities and red tape longer than man can measure. There are challenges which trip it up and slow its expansion, and yet it is showing more momentum today than ever before. Read the rest of this entry »

louise1Analyst house World Wide Worx’s regular research reports have become the mainstay of the ICT industry in South Africa and Africa, offering valuable insight into market shifts and technology usage. Because effective research results can only be achieved through effective data gathering and analysis, especially in Africa’s emerging markets where existing data is hard to come by, and even more so in the technology sector across the continent, World Wide Worx uses the services of CG Consulting in order to obtain the accurate, verified data on which many of its analyses and reports are based. Read the rest of this entry »

karla-fletcher-topco-media-directorBy: Karla Fletcher, Director of Topco Media and Communications

The performance of entrepreneurial and top companies plays a pivotal role in global growth and mobility for the South African economy. Companies continue to face increasing challenges due to the growth of global competition. In pursuit of consistent improvement, awards celebrate those who have achieved remarkable results in their tough industries.  Read the rest of this entry »

brad1Network Platforms, leading service-driven ICT solutions provider, developed a new IPC infrastructure in early 2016 to enable the seamless delivery of FTTH, ADSL and VDSL solutions to clients and its reseller base. Read the rest of this entry »

outdoor-network-billboard-1-1Provantage Media Group (PMG) and Outdoor Network (ON) are pleased to announce the merger of their respective Out Of Home media operations.  The merger, which has been approved by the Competition Commission, sees Provantage Media Group taking up the major shareholding in Outdoor Network.  The balance of the shares in the company will be held by Sanlam Private Equity. Read the rest of this entry »

nicole-shapiro-19By Nicole Shapiro, Brand Associate Director at Added Value

Turbulence. It’s a word that’s on everyone’s lips at the moment – from the highest rated economists, to businesses of all sizes, to the man on the street. Read the rest of this entry »