A handy communication tool for Cashbuild’s employees

CashbuildIn addition to using a traditional promotional flyer to distribute in-store, Ogilvy@Cashbuild, a retail division of Ogilvy which handles all of Cashbuild’s retail and consumer communication, selected a pocket-sized Z-CARD® for Cashbuild to hand out to its employees to use as a dynamic tool to assist customers with all of their DIY needs.

The Z-CARD® contained helpful tips for employees to share with customers, from information about how to save energy and which light bulbs are more efficient to how many tiles a customer needs to buy for their specific project.

The card was also jam packed with project checklists and helpful hints about waterproofing, painting, choosing the right trowel and power tools, mixing cement, making compost, caring for garden tools and even included electrical safety tips and safety warning signs.

“Cashbuild is a renowned southern African building materials retailer which stocks all of the necessary building and allied products; from structural items to tools, hardware and basic decorative ranges.  All products are guaranteed to be ‘fit for purpose’ and most of the products have manufacturer guarantees and/or SABS approval,” says Werner de Jager, Cashbuild’s CEO.

The retailer also offers free local delivery, glass-cutting and a distant ordering facility, which enables purchases to be made at one store and delivered from any other store country-wide.

“We selected a Z-CARD® as an added communication tool for its convenient size and ease of use. The feedback so far is that it’s a useful communication and information tool,” says De Jager.

Through its many community support initiatives, Cashbuild continues to make a positive contribution to every community in which it trades.