Be smart, measure your electricity consumption

IMG_0793At a time of intense speculation over power supply capacity, resources and consumption, the ability to accurately measure usage, power quality and associated billing is invaluable.


Saving is the order of the day says Dr. Raj Naidoo, Director at Enermatics Energy, an established provider of smart metering technology and reseller of power to end users. And this is based on retaining control of usage and validating electricity bills with accurate and transparent billing.


Smart metering technology is used in intelligent smart meters designed to help users optimise and improve overall energy consumption.


“Internationally, smart metering forms on of the cornerstones of the SmartGrid vision. In Nordic countries the remote connect and disconnect functionality has led to lower demand and reduction in electricity consumption partnered with 99.4% accurate hourly reading and consumer feedback,” says Dr Naidoo.


In South Africa the pressure on the electricity grid remains high and there is concern over the country’s ability to restore outdated systems, replenish supply levels and sustain resources. Other regions on the continent share similar concerns.


Through Smart Switching Technology one can measure and control energy consumption, limit unnecessary electricity usage and shift loads to off-peak times. “This leads to off-peak consumption at lower tariffs, which ultimately results into both monetary and energy savings,” Dr Naidoo adds.


Benefits aside, the advice from Enermatics Energy is to select a trusted brand when considering an investment in smart metering.


It is best to go with an established provider, with a trusted brand that has a proven track record of application and usage for end users, both commercial and private.