Bliss Brands three times winner at Spar Inland Trade Show

2015042914302873302015 marks the third show that Bliss Brands has won the prestigious award for Best Stand at the Spar inland Trade Show. The bi-annual tradeshow, which aims to showcase Spar’s preferred suppliers, took place on the 18th of April at Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg. The show is extremely well attended and sees hundreds of trade representatives sampling new products and acquiring information on new services.

Bliss Brands presented all its products in a themed proudly South African stand which drew many curious visitors to its floor. Mama MAQ, MAQaMOVIE Judges and finalists as well as Bliss Brands products were displayed as spray painted cartoons at the stand. This attracted numerous people through its doors, many of whom expressed their enjoyment and appreciation of the Bliss Brands stand.

The stand was further enhanced by a taxi, which added to the proudly South African flavour. Furthermore, Bliss Brands had fun celebrating the colours of our wonderful country and even included one-of-a-kind hand painted metal drums in the display.

Jacqueline Jacobs, Sales and Marketing Director of Bliss Brands said: “This marks the third show in a row that we win the Best Stand Award. Our team worked in true South African style and our products were extremely well-received by the trade show visitors. I am immensely proud!”