Collect-a-Can empowers women in recycling

!cid_image001_jpg@01D08286Jacqueline Talbot, the first female branch manager appointed at Collect-a-Can in eight years, is to bring a female touch to the can recycling industry, to assist in growing the can recovery rate of 72% in South Africa. Talbot took up the reigns of Durban Collect-a-Can branch Manager at the end of 2014.


Talbot believes that being the first female manager in eight years will inspire other female employees to dream big and grab opportunities that come their way. “The more female leaders there are in this male-dominated market, the more young women will have the courage to take on opportunities in this industry,” says Talbot, new branch manager at Collect-a-Can’s Durban branch.


Collect-a-Can is a can recovery and recycling organisation with eight branches across southern Africa. Talbot took over the reins at the Collect-a-Can Durban branch on 01 December 2014 after working for Gunnebo South Africa, where she gained extensive experience on management level.


Talbot was inspired by the work Collect-a-Can does in communities to safeguard the environment while creating jobs and supporting education, which influenced her decision to join the recycling industry. “Collect-a-Can provides an opportunity to so many unemployed people, who sells their cans for cash to make a living and support their families,” shares Talbot.


Anna Ratenonka is a perfect example of an unemployed female collector who makes use of Collect-a-Can’s “cash for cans” initiative. Four years ago, Ratenonka started banking on this initiative as a substitute for a formal income. “Ratenonka collects used cans from taverns and restaurants in the Mariannhill area, walking the extra mile to earn a living and provide for her three children,” Talbot adds.


“Collect-a-Can has changed my life. I am now able to provide for my children, put food on the table and take care of household needs such as paying rent,” says Ratenonka.


”I’m very proud of the opportunities Collect-a-Can create and of being one of the first female Collect-a-Can branch managers,” says Talbot. “There has definitely been a change in the business world and the message is getting out there that women do not mind to get their hands dirty,” she concludes.