Don’t jumpstart this winter – kickstart it with a free battery test instead

9. Automotive batteries_V2The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and according to Tiger Wheel & Tyre it’s time to give your car battery the old pre-winter once over.

“Much like humans, car batteries aren’t especially enthusiastic about getting started in the cold. The exercise is often accompanied by much groaning and if you’re lucky, after a few failed attempts you might enjoy success. But if you’ve ever been stranded in the cold with a dead car battery, you’ll need no encouragement to bring your vehicle to Tiger Wheel & Tyre and have your battery tested,” said Group Marketing Executive Joe du Plooy.

It bears mentioning that even a relatively new car battery can die prematurely if you don’t actively take measures to extend its life. Here are some guidelines from Tiger Wheel & Tyre to extend your battery’s life this winter:

· If you go away for any length of time, disconnect the battery and attach it to a trickle charger or arrange to have someone come over regularly to start and run your car for several minutes at a time.

· Keep in mind certain vehicle tracking devices draw power from your car battery and will drain it completely if the battery isn’t allowed to recharge.

· Cut down on short trips. Frequent trips of less than 20 minutes don’t give your battery enough time to charge and drain it faster.

· Park inside the garage where it’s warmer, to protect the battery from extreme cold which shortens its lifespan.

Kickstart winter with a free battery test from Tiger Wheel & Tyre, because you know that if it is going to die it will happen on a Sunday morning at 2 AM,” concluded du Plooy.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre stock a range of superior quality, maintenance-free automotive batteries from leading brands ATLASBX and Duracell. Visit the website to locate the store nearest to you, then stop in for your free battery test and to get sound advice on the best battery for your vehicle.