New MSN Shopping module empowers advertisers to drive e-commerce traffic

download (14)MSN South Africa, managed and represented by Mediamark, has launched the Admotion-powered MSN Shopping Module. The shopping module gives advertisers the ability to leverage a performance-driven ad solution on the largest home page in South Africa.

This module, on MSN South Africa, falls in line with Microsoft’s strategy of helping advertisers and audiences know more, do more, anywhere, any time, and in more personal ways. It provides the audience with a storefront window where they can find product information or make a purchase from advertisers, directly from the MSN page.

For advertisers, the shopping module drives leads and conversions by displaying product and price information in highly visible ads. MSN’s shopping module is an automated bidding ecosystem where ads are targeted and optimised to drive the best possible ROI for conversion-based campaigns.

Advertisers simply upload their ads, and have the ability to dynamically optimise ads that connect via Admotion’s DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation Engine). The module operates on a real-time bidding basis with ad inventory bought via an instantaneous programmatic auction, similar to financial markets.

Real-time bidding allows the advertising buyers to bid on an impression. The winning bidder’s ad is instantly displayed. Admotion’s real-time bidding platform lets advertisers create and launch advertising campaigns on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis ensuring that advertisers only pay for users interested in their ads. The minimum bid is set at R15 CPC, offering advertisers an affordable and accountable advertising solution.