Cape Town runner partners with meditation app to help others achieve their goals

above the glacier (best) - resized (640x480)Renowned Cape Town-based professional runner Linda Doke has been scouted by the UK founders of meditation app Anamaya to launch an exciting new self-development module to help people achieve their goals.

Anamaya’s innovative mobile application is the first time expert therapy-based modules on topics such as anxiety, relationships and emotional awareness have been coupled with more than 350 meditations to help users develop their mind for ‘a better way of being’.

Donned ‘South Africa’s queen of trail running’, Linda has achieved a string of ultra-distance trail wins over the past nine years, including several multi-day desert stage races, the 108km Outeniqua Quest, Fish River Canyon Ultra 100km and , most recently, achieving the mixed record of the 214km Drakensberg Grand Traverse with team mate Ryno Griesel. Her experience in taking part in such long and gruelling endurance races means she is fully aware of the importance of setting challenging goals, and having the drive and determination to be able to achieve these goals.

Linda’s specialist module ‘Living with Purpose’ will be available as part of the Anamaya app on iTunes from 28th April. The module will help users grasp the importance of passion, purpose and perseverance as key to achieving objectives. It offers advice on how to set goals and, most important of all, how to achieve them.

The Anamaya meditation app was first launched at the end of 2014, based on more than 350 meditations that are proven to change the physical structure of the brain. After recently celebrating its 10,000 meditation mark, the app is now delving deeper into physical and mental wellbeing, with the addition of unique self-development modules led by a range of industry experts. Each unique chapter features motivating advice, alongside sound, practical emotional development techniques from some of the world’s leading psychologists and specialists.

Linda Doke comments: “Many people will plod through life, typically unaware of their true passions and desires, and while in this mode, it is extremely difficult to have the drive and determination to push yourself. However, once you take the time to recognise what you truly enjoy, it becomes a lot easier to set yourself goals and work towards achieving them. Like my passion for trail running, once you find something you really love to do, make it your mission to progress and excel yourself, constantly looking at how you can move forward. This will give you purpose and make you truly happy.”

Graham Doke, City meditation coach with Anamaya and narrator of the new Emotional Awareness modules, adds: “We are delighted to have joined forces with Linda to offer our users instant access to help, advice and support that will – with time and commitment – help them to achieve a sense of purpose and give them the drive and passion they need to achieve their goals.”

The Anamaya application is donating 20% of all proceeds to Karuna Shechen, a philanthropic organisation providing essential care and education to children in the Himalayas. The organisation was founded by Tibetan Buddhist monk, and close confidant of the Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard, who was labelled the “World’s Happiest Man” by neuroscientists after extensive study of his brain. Matthieu introduces the application providing details on his charity and offering his unique insight into the impact meditation can have on your health and wellbeing.

Anamaya is available from the App Store® for just £1.49, and includes the first level of the “General” focus, as well as a beautiful solo meditation timer, multi-media learning resources, and five “Ambiance” settings that subtly alter the meditation experience. A variety of in-app purchase starting from just £1.49, unlocks additional meditation areas and therapy modules.

For more information on the Anamaya application, go to or download the app here via the iTunes store.