Why not shoot for the stars?

Mika & ChrisWhen third year Visual Communication student Mika O’Donovan came across a link from Dac Systems offering an opportunity for an intern to engage the digital world at Microsoft’s SA head office, she responded immediately. The decision to learn from a progressive Microsoft-focused digital solutions business has paid off.


O’Donovan committed to the process and brought to the table her three years academic and practical knowledge of subjects like wayfinding, information architecture and app design.

Added to this is her passion for the creative through digital interface and organising information in a way that is easy to understand.

This combination of skills and desire resonates with the mission and vision of Dac Systems, a national ICT services and solutions provider.

There was an instant synergy that O’Donovan recognised and was eager to exploit.

She applied for the intern position and provided proof of her work on the student council Facebook page as part of her portfolio of applied digital/social marketing skills.

Being accepted has provide the young entrepreneur with a unique opportunity to learn about communication, office culture, skills, networking and work life.

Her experience with Dac Systems has been very positive and O’Donovan describes the company as forward-thinking, organised and inspirational – specifically in terms of its focus on its Microsoft partnership and related technology adoption and application.

She found the company to be trusting of its employees and committed to a culture of professionalism, honesty and dedication to people development.

In the few months that she has been with Dac Systems, she has already proven to be an asset to the business.

“I was happy to see that my degree gave me an actual skill that is useful in the company – I could create visuals that can explain something and I was the only one in the office who could do it (unlike working at a design firm). I now believe that every growing company needs a designer on their team,” says O’Donovan.

“I feel confident that I have a skill that is workable in the job market today and I know more about myself as a person in the working world,” she adds.

Chris Willemse, CEO of Dac Systems, is very pleased with the progress Mika has made and how quickly she has fitted in with the company and its culture. “We are very impressed with the quality of Mika’s work and her contribution to the business in the short time she has been with us.”