Appletiser celebrates 50 years as a South African company

Appletiser Staff (640x427)This April, Appletiser celebrated the company turning 50 at the Lothian Winery in Elgin. This function was the onset of the golden anniversary celebrations for the brand which will happen in 2016.

Appletiser as a brand has become a South African icon and is sold all around the world, including in the UK, Japan, and Australia amongst many others. The company was founded by Edmond Lombardi in 1965 and has continued to grow as successful business since then. Appletiser is a brand that is rich in heritage and is still produced in Elgin Valley in the Western Cape. It is a company that carries a high mark of quality and innovation. Appletiser (along with its variants, such as Red and White Grapetiser and Peartiser) have received recognition and awards in many countries over the years for its great taste and natural product quality. Apart from these variants the company also added Appletiser Colours to their portfolio in 2014.

Appletiser as a company is strongly grounded in the roots of philanthropy and always aims to not only uplift the Elgin economy but to have an impact on the community as well.  Appletiser has been actively investing in local education and numerous pre-primary, primary and secondary schools have benefited from initiatives supported by the company. The company also invests in the development of their employees and unemployed youth through a number of learnership programmes. “Our learnership programmes have allowed individuals to obtain a NQF qualification while working full time and gaining experience in their chosen field of study. This not only allows us to uplift the community but has also provided us with employees who are able to mentor and motivate the youth in the area,” says Francois Rozon, Managing Director of Appletiser.

“The 50th anniversary of a company is an extraordinary milestone. We are incredibly proud of how the company has grown over the past 50 years, it has not been an easy feat but it has definitely been an exciting journey to be a part of. The celebration of this anniversary was shared with all of those who have been a part of the Appletiser family, present employees, retirees former Directors and representatives from the Lombardi family. We are looking forward to the golden celebration of the brand in 2016 and what the future has to bring,” concludes Rozon