Intelligent video solutions protect and grow business

Gerald Naidoo (427x640)Security has been the top concern for banks and other financial institutions for some years. However, these bodies are also looking for ways to reach potential clients, and get their business on board.

Intelligent video helps to address both these needs, says Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Logikal Consulting. “Today’s modern video analytics enable businesses of all types, but particularly financial services businesses, stamp out crime more easily, and alongside this, helps them identify potential customers.”

He says there is no other industry that benefits more from surveillance than financial services. They handle and process enormous amounts of cash on a daily basis, and are highly susceptible to robberies, fraud and cyber crime.

“From card skimming, to credentials theft, to phishing, banks are faced with myriad threats every day. While banks have been using video surveillance for some years now, traditional technologies only offer a reactive solution, investigating events after they happen. However, these days, solutions allow financial institutions to take a proactive approach for fraud detection and mitigation.”

Naidoo adds that this applies equally to the retail sector, which is increasingly looking to enhance its offerings to customers. “Over and above the obvious security benefits of intelligent video, its presence alone acts as a major deterrent to potential crooks. In addition, video analytics can help retail businesses grow their business, though tools that enable analysing the length of queues, the age and sex of customers, and various other behaviours, assisting the business to reach out to more individuals and better the general customer experience.”

He says the Verint Video Surveillance Analytics product has been developed to help companies make sense of vast amounts of security video and data, generating Actionable Intelligence for better decisions and faster, more effective action.

“This powerful suite of integrated analytic applications can automatically pinpoint potential breaches and significant events and send video alerts to the appropriate people, departments and agencies. Designed to address the specific safety and security requirements across critical infrastructure and enterprise environments, this platform helps companies with a proactive approach to threat deterrence and management.”

Verint security and intelligence solutions enhance operations and protect people, property and assets in thousands of organisations across the globe, explains Naidoo. “Whatever your industry, Verint’s comprehensive portfolio enables unparalleled access and outstanding performance.”

He says Verint’s Actionable Intelligence portfolio features scalable, open and standards-based technology featuring IP video and situation awareness and management software, integrated and predictive analytics, encoders, cameras, and intelligent NVRs.

In fact, Naidoo says over 90 percent of the global Fortune 500 companies and 80 percent of Fortune 100 Companies rely on Verint’s Actionable Intelligence solutions, and are leveraging Verint technology to boost their operations.