Jumpin Jax ensures engagement for Lakeside Mall

Lakeside MallPrimedia Lifestyle Marketing Services selected a PocketMedia Solutions’ Jumpin Jax – an innovative marketing product with a zip strip on a small cardboard envelope that’s torn open for two small squares to pop out and surprise the opener – for its client, Lakeside Mall, Benoni, to use as part of the mall’s Dress Up Box Campaign.

“The objectives of the campaign were to increase the number of social media fans and engagement, on Facebook specifically, and to generate brand awareness and reinforce Lakeside Mall’s commitment to the greater Benoni community,” says Angela Pereira, Lakeside Mall’s Marketing Manager.

“Over the 15 running days, 3770 entries were logged and Lakeside Mall’s Facebook page grew in excess of 1400 fans. In addition, over 1500 people voted for the finalists,” she adds.

The Dress Up Box Campaign, a competition which ran from 10 April to 10 May 2015, encouraged participants to ‘Create their style, Strike their pose & Snap their shot, in order to compete for the title of Lakeside Mall’s fashion brand ambassador’.

To enter the competition participants visited The Dress Up Box Station located in Lakeside Mall, Benoni’s Town Square, on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 09h00 & 15h00, took their photographs and completed their entry details.

Every qualifying photograph was posted onto Lakeside Mall’s Facebook page and five finalists were selected, according to the number of Facebook likes their photograph received.

The finalists will take part in a makeover and photo shoot on 22 May and each one will receive a R500 Lakeside Mall gift card. The official Lakeside Mall fashion brand ambassador/s will be selected via a panel of judges on 31 May and will receive prizes to the value of R10 000.

“In the retail environment shoppers are inundated with flyers and brochures constantly which generally results in the majority of campaign flyers ending up on the floor or in the mall’s bins. To avoid this, we looked for a unique, interactive and fun alternative to ensure that recipients were actually going to pay attention to the information rather than just toss it immediately,” says Pereira.

“The Jumpin Jax were distributed in-centre, from Friday to Sunday for five weeks, to encourage shoppers to visit The Dress Up Box and provide promoters with an interactive and fun way to work through the campaign logistics with the shoppers. We received many comments on how different, fun and entertaining they are,” she adds.

Vibrant and lively, Lakeside Mall Benoni attracts today’s shopper from all walks of life with its convenient shopping, range of merchandise and competitive prices. It’s well-loved for its strong roots in the community in which it is located and its celebration of all things South African.

The mall incorporates a number of distinct areas with varied atmospheres – all creating an aesthetically beautiful shopping complex with retail offerings to please everyone. Over 130 tenants mean a wide range of shopping and leisure options and, together with its fun and stylish image, it offers the best of everything for the whole family