KEMP Technologies’ latest Series tips the scales in favour of enterprise

Peter1 (640x640)KEMP Technologies has released a new line of high performance application delivery controllers (ADCs) enabling customers to scale as their application performance and security needs evolve.

The 5000 series targets medium and larger enterprises with high transaction intranet and backend workflow applications.

As part of the ultra-high performance family, the 8000 series scales up to 30Gbps of application throughput and 30,000 SSL TPS to meet the needs of larger environments, service providers, and web scale deployments.

Both the 5000 and 8000 series come standard with multiple 10Gb interfaces and are the only load balancers with native SDN adaptive traffic steering capabilities. This enables LoadMaster to seamlessly integrate in software defined networks and provide optimal application quality of experience.

Peter Melerud, co-founder and CMO, Kemp Technologies, says the company has differentiated this offering by focusing on Intelx86 processing as opposed to custom field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and application-specific integrated circuit (ASICs).

“We’ve engineered our LMOS – the ADC operating system driving our appliances – to take full advantage of the latest advancements in Intel Xeon processors, including increased core count and performance. This allowed us to eliminate the use of proprietary FPGAs and reduce the dependency on custom ASICs to deliver ultra-high performance and scale for demanding application environments. These cost savings translate directly into significant reduction in TCA and TCO for our customers that require high performance Layer 7 load balancing, SSL encryption processing and high capacity IPS/IDS and Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities which are all CPU-intensive tasks.”

KEMP LoadMaster is an advanced Layer 4-7 application delivery controller with web application firewall and SDN functionality. Flexible deployment options are available on all major hypervisors and cloud platforms, as well as dedicated KEMP appliances and third party best-in-class ‘bare metal’ servers.

LoadMaster provides enterprise application integration and acceleration services that intelligently accelerates and secures client traffic flows for optimized user experience in virtualized and hybrid cloud architectures.