Aspen returns to the salon

Prep (360x640)Aspen has returned to Primedia Unlimited’s Salon Media business for a period of three months to promote its Prep shaving cream products created exclusively for men.

“The beauty of salon advertising is that communication can be gender exclusive,” says Kylie Henry, Internal Sales Manager at Salon Media. “This is clearly illustrated in the Prep campaign which has been flighted in 31 barber shops across the country.”

Prep is a medicated shaving cream used to soothe and protect against the harshness of shaving. The campaign incorporates a Facebook competition, calling on men to take a picture of their closest shave, and upload it to be eligible to win a weekly prize.

Nici Ezra, Marketing Manager at Aspen says: “We are excited to be partnering with Salon Media on this campaign. This vehicle enables us to reach our target audience directly and to create meaningful conversations around our brand.”

“The dwell time for men in barbers allows for the full advertising message to be absorbed while they are in a relaxed and receptive mind set,” says Kylie. “Best of all, the call to action element in the campaign can be explored through their mobile phones while they are in the salon, prompting instant feedback and participation.”