CRS Technologies, lobosouthafrica unite to power digital HR

james 2015Human Resource and Human Capital Management (HCM) specialist CRS Technologies has partnered with global Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution provider lobodms to release a range of products to the local market.

As a result of the alliance, CRS Technologies will make available lobohr, a digital document management and storage solution, and lobocm, a digital contract management application.

The partnership benefits CRS Technologies by expanding its technology portfolio and adding value to its client base. At the same time lobodms will gain from the opportunity to engage an emerging, fast-growth market.

“The timing of this partnership could not be better,” says James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies. “Many local companies are transforming their environments, and moving onto digital platforms, thereby leveraging the cloud and enhancing their platforms and systems with the latest applications.”

“Businesses are looking to source solutions that are easy to manage, easy to integrate and facilitate realtime, automated document and data management. This is exactly where lobodms technology adds value,” McKerrell continues.

The main advantage of lobohr, is that human resource documents that originate from digital sources can be easily stored in one place. All documents can be transferred automatically into lobohr and files can be searched and accessed from any location throughout the world.

Businesses can now create a single digital HR record, and construct a business-wide digital HR archive which is cost effective and straightforward.

lobocm empowers users to manage all contracts, including all metadata, in a clear, sensible and secure way.

The solution is an effective mechanism through which to link up with databases and correlate all relevant contract information.  “These are working documents, and systems have to be flexible enough, with the necessary functionality, to be easily adjusted or amended. Multiple documents and contracts can be effectively archived and accessed. The technology allows for quick metadata searches for contracts within contracts… it is a streamlined process,” McKerrell adds.

Rob Zimmermann, MD of lobosouthafrica, says the company is pleased to have entered into a partnership with CRS Technologies and believes the relationship will add significant value to the local HR space. “Digital is the main business driver today, including that which is used to manage key business areas such as HR. The combination of our mutual technical expertise and market knowledge can only benefit clients.”