Can you transform cans into creative and CANtastic artwork?

!cid_image001_jpg@01D08286The think ‘outside the can’ challenge kicks off on Monday, 01 June 2015.

The popular annual CAN Craze Competition encourages learners across South Africa to create the craziest and most imaginative artworks from 300 or more used cans to stand a chance to win their share of R60 000.

The Collect-a-Can CAN Craze Competition runs from 01 June to 30 September 2015, turning unsightly and unhealthy litter that usually ends up at landfills into beautiful and artistic can structures.

The competition provides learners with an opportunity to win big prize money, while teaching them about the importance of a clean and green environment.

The most creative can structures will be selected by a panel of judges where the winning structure will receive R30 000, the second place winner will bag themselves R20 000, while the third place winner will walk away with R10 000.

Once the structure is complete, learners must submit photographs of the structure, along with a completed entry form. Entry forms can be collected at any of the Collect-a-Can branches or downloaded from their website at

Elkanah House in the Western Cape, who won first prize in the Collect-a-Can CAN Craze Competition in 2013 with their fun-looking “can girl” sculpture, shares ten practical steps on how to make a can structure (adult supervision required):

  1. Collect 300 or more cans from friends, family, restaurants, and recycling stations;
  2. Wash cans with water and detergent to ensure that cans are clean to be used;
  3. Brainstorm ideas for the theme of the can structure – the crazier the better;
  4. Select the most viable and inspiring theme;
  5. Draw a picture of the possible structure that you are planning to build;
  6. Plan, plan, plan when you will start, the process to follow and learners to involve;
  7. Build the central structure using card board, steel, wire or wood;
  8. Cut cans carefully into separate parts;
  9. Sort into colours and sizes;
  10. Connect pieces of cans to central structure using glue guns, wire, staples or cable ties.

“This eco-friendly competition teaches learners in a fun way that litter has value and can be re-used and upcycled into striking artwork,” says Zimasa Velaphi, public relations and marketing manager for Collect-a-Can.

The cans used for these structures will be recovered by Collect-a-Can and processed for recycling. This process encourages learners to be more eco-conscious and demonstrates how a bit of creativity can prolong the lifecycle of recyclable products, giving it a second life.

Learners should not miss out on this CANtastic opportunity to stand a chance to win big prizes for their artistic flair with cans. Painting South Africa green has never been this fun!