MAQ Washing Powder launches MiniMAQ

MiniMAQ-3MAQ Washing Powder has launched MiniMAQ – a cute, blue and orange washing powder speck that brings to life the fun, friendly, accessible, out-the-box personality of the brand.

MiniMAQ has been launched through a brand new television commercial that is flighting on eTV, SABC and Soweto TV. MiniMAQ, with his bright orange MAQ T-shirt and matching shoes and cap, demonstrates how the much-loved South African washing powder successfully wins against dirt and stains.

Dirt and stains are no match for MAQ Washing powder’s winning formula says the voiceover as MiniMAQ punches, kicks and sucks away the dirt and stains. Furthermore, in recognition of MAQ’s charismatic and entertaining roadshow team, the animated character does a cute dance at the end of the commercial.

Jacqueline Jacobs, Sales and Marketing Director of MAQ Washing Powder, is extremely excited about the creation of MiniMAQ: “MiniMAQ completely personifies the MAQ Washing powder brand. MAQ is here to brighten up your day and with MiniMAQ the day has become even brighter!

“The rationale behind MiniMAQ is simple: we wanted a character that people could connect with, that embodied the brand personality and, in terms of social media, could enthusiastically and relevantly engage with our loyal fans and followers. So far the response has been phenomenal – MAQ Washing Powder fans love him!” continues Jacobs.

To view the new commercial, featuring MiniMAQ click here: or see Mini MAQ on