Enermatics leverages MTN’s M2M platform offering to add value

IMG_0789-2Management at Enermatics Energy, an established provider of smart metering technology and reseller of power to end users, believe that Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platform infrastructure is a game-changer within the utility business model and is the only way to differentiate service in today’s market.

The business looks forward to adding the value of MTN’s recently launched M2M platform offering to help sustain its level of operation and quality of its service to the market.

The MTN M2M platform is a pan-African solution that taps into the business-developing qualities of IoT (internet of things) and offers up advanced management functionality for connected devices and SIM cards. It also facilitates communication between networked devices.

It represents the mobile operators initiative to exploit the benefits of IoT and connected devices, an area of digitisation and ICT that demonstrates strong growth across Africa.

One of the main advantages is the ability to integrate core aspects of the business says Dr Raj Naidoo, Director at Enermatics Energy. “In our case it is the foundation of our business… we use the platform to seamless integration of data all the way from creation right down to the billing itself.”

MTN is an established South Africa based mobile operator and MTN Business partner Enermatics Energy is a leader in the field of power solution development, integration and support.

As Naidoo explains the current power supply crisis that South Africa now find itself in means that there is a definite need for a more accurate and consistent regulation of power resources, both from a consumer and supplier point of view.

“Because we have sensors installed on geysers, we can do proper demand management, helping the country to reduce demand on the power grid, thereby reducing the need for load shedding,” Naidoo adds.

“For customers, it works really well, because customers have information they can trust. Not only that , they have 30min information – so you know exactly how you are using power on a 30min basis. So, if you have that level of information, you can start taking control, you can start saving,” he continues.

Smart metering and the ability for consumers to control usage are key advantages in the market, ensuring more optimised power resource management.