Weylandts in-house agency launches Tastemakers campaign

SA DPS artwork2Weylandts, a SA furniture and décor retailer, has launched Tastemakers, the first campaign created by their new in-house advertising team.


The team is headed up by former creative director of TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris in Johannesburg, Renier Zandberg, and Tim Culley, former managing director of TBWA\Cape Town.


Commenting on the decision to bring their advertising agency in-house, Weylandts Creative Director, Renier said: “There is a very interesting dynamic between being creative and thinking strategically to meet retail targets. We are situated in the heart of Weylandts’ head office and the interaction with the purchasing, merchandising and finance departments gives us daily insights into the business, its objectives and core customers. These insights are central to our advertising and design concepts and ideas”.


The concept of Tastemakers was born from the insight that great taste is something that can set any home apart from many others, and is something that cannot be out-spent. “Sure, everyone likes to have money to spend on their home, but if you have great taste you can make any home look amazing, no matter what the budget” explained Marketing Director Tim Culley.


The concept cements the brands position atop the furniture and décor list for trendsetters, designers and architects to visit to make any space look amazing. The concept speaks to the brand’s ability to create looks across its 5 Lifestyles by curating items from all over the world.


The campaign can be seen on TV, outdoor, radio, press and print during 2015.


Please see the link for the Tastemakers TV advert: http://www.weylandts.co.za/tv-tastemakers/