Flexible offering from MobileData virtually changes distributor operations

andre 2015Global technology solutions provider, MobileData, focused on payment facilitation and prepaid electronic value distribution, has positioned its virtual product distribution platform, TradeSwitch, to revolutionise the distribution chain.

This single platform is built to benefit operators in this ecosystem.

Firstly, it makes use of a hierarchical structure to map the distribution chain through the application of specific components to match and represent the customers’ view of their own distribution.

The TradeSwitch Node Management component, for example, allows the distributor to manage their distribution chain with ease and full transparency.

The distribution chain is represented by dynamic node types which are used to model the distributor’s exact business structure. It includes complete account and credit management with various terms.

TradeSwitch adds value by enabling the distributor to deploy various devices and virtual products that can be sold and tracked in real-time. “Transactions include those performed on EFT-POS terminals, touchscreens, smart phones, feature phones and even include those performed on integrated third party systems” explains André Louw, CEO of MobileData.

“The TradeSwitch® Device Management component allows the distributor to add and manage these devices with the ability to enable, disable, perform device configuration with full service history from the web based back office. It is easy to reliably import large volumes of virtual products and with the TradeSwitch Bulk Distribution solution it is just as easy for wholesaler and retailers to buy virtual products in bulk where aspect are fully automated from self service ordering to invoice and statement generation and dissemination. ”

MobileData has established a leadership position within the prepaid payment and voucher distribution space.

TradeSwitch offers an automated top-up function, which helps the distributor manage their stock levels. The ability to integrate into mobile networks, utility providers, banks and other virtual product and service providers, makes real-time transactions like direct airtime recharges and electricity tokens possible.

“This solution offers an extensive list of operational, managerial and advanced location based reports. These reports provide in-depth and almost real-time insights into the distributor’s operations and performance through a fully integrated business intelligence engine – making it easy to adapt a proactive market strategy.”

TradeSwitch brings all these solutions, and more, to virtual product distributors and service providers in a single seamless platform – enabling the distributor to create and manage a prepaid ecosystem, rich in variety.