McCain and J’Something create the McCain Slap Chips Kota, Bunny Chow and Gatsby

IMG_0130_view (427x640)McCain is proud to announce an exciting partnership with J’Something and McCain Slap Chips. Food is something that is important to all South Africans because it has the ability to connect people through sharing. This connection was the starting point for the McCain Slap Chips Kota, Bunny Chow and Gatsby which J’Something created for McCain. 

Slap chips is something that is uniquely local to South Africa and so is J’Something which is why this was a match made in heaven. The Kota, Bunny Chow and Gatsby are three dishes that are distinctly local to three different regions in South Africa. The Kota is a Johannesburg staple, the Bunny Chow is the pride of Durban and the Gatsby is an essential for many Capetonian’s. These dishes are incredibly different but equally as popular.

McCain gave J’Something a unique challenge, he was asked to put his culinary spin on all three dishes and incorporate McCain Slap Chips into each dish. The result was three incredibly delicious meals that still kept the integrity of the original dish but added a little extra pop of flavour. From using a specially made atchar for the Kota, to adding slap chips into the Bunny Chow and creating a masala steak with an extra little hint of peri peri on the Gastby, they will definitely have everyone’s taste buds singing and dancing.

“We really wanted to do something different with McCain Slap Chips and something that would appeal to all South Africans. The recipes that J’Something has come up with are easy to replicate, they really showcase how versatile and delicious slap chips are and we hope that they inspire South Africans to get into the kitchen and create their own versions of the dishes. J’Something really surprised us with his unique take on these dishes and we cannot wait for people to try out the recipes at home,” says Deolinda Da Costa, Marketing Manager of McCain SA.