Studio 112’s design for Standard Bank wins internal award

Standard BankStudio 112’s innovative design of various campaign elements to engage Standard Bank’s top performing team members, during the bank’s four-day PBB Africa Mark of Excellence Awards held in March 2014, recently won a bronze award in the bank’s Vexillum Awards, an internal awards programme for Standard Bank’s marketing employees only.

The Vexillum Awards, which were created in 2014 to raise the bar and push for creative excellence, celebrates creativity and promotes sharing and a healthy competitive environment amongst Standard Bank’s marketing team members and covers all aspects of marketing from TV and print to events, digital and more.

“With the aim of surprising and delighting Standard Bank’s employees Studio 112, a below-the-line graphic design and advertising agency, designed a folder which contained a special teaser for each day of the trip,” says Studio 112’s Managing and Creative Director Melanie Brix.

The event kicked off with a PocketMedia® Solutions’ Pop-Up (an almost flat, rectangular cardboard box that contains a cube which pops out and surprises the opener) to announce the day’s teambuilding activity. “The Pop-Up fitted in really well with the pop-up shop theme and added an extra element of surprise for employees,” says Brix.

A circus themed gala dinner took place the next day, for which Studio 112 designed an “admit one” ticket that opened to a paper Pop-Up Circus. On the third day employees explored the Mother City and mailed their tear-off Cape Town post cards included in the folder. The employees departed day four, for which Studio 112 designed a paper plane that they could tear out and fold.

“We are extremely proud of the design team at Studio 112, which works with our clients during every step of the design process,” says Brix.