Gautrain lights up with Airport Ads

Gautrain Lightbox (2)With the objective of targeting the travel and tourism market, Airport Ads has implemented a highly focused, strategic campaign for the Gautrain brand.

For the next 12 months, travellers will be exposed to a lightbox in the domestic departures area at Cape Town International Airport, which experiences a footfall of over 3 and a half million passengers per annum.

“The Airport Ads lightbox situated in domestic departures at Cape Town International Airport is an extremely valuable media space as it is on route to airside departure counters and business. It exposes the Gautrain to hundreds of thousands of consumers travelling to Johannesburg and reminds them of the ease with which they can catch it from OR Tambo International Airport,” says Antoinette Abrahams, Airport Ads.

Ashton Bodrick, Executive Manager: Marketing Services – Gautrain, explains that “the space is perfectly situated and will be seen by many who will be travelling to Johannesburg. The spot provides for 100% exposure to every single domestic passenger.”

As part of the campaign, Gautrain has also branded the domestic arrivals meeters and greeters railing site at OR Tambo International Airport and has sole occupancy of one of the screens at the food court.