Dance for Madiba with no danger diaries

No Danger Diaries Madiba Jive (640x427)Not surewhat to do for Mandela Day this year but know you want to get involved? Then this might be just the thing for you. No Danger Diaries, an organisation who’s “soul” mission it is to share joy with all people all around the world, want us to celebrate Madiba in the one way that truly reflects his special spirit – by dancing!

When asked where the idea of DanceforMadiba came from, Daniel Cameron Becker, one of the co-founders of No Danger Diaries explained, “We were just amped to donate more of our time this Mandela Day and do it in a more special way. We were all really tired of seeing misery in the media and wasted energy on misguided campaigns, so we thought this is the perfect time to celebrate! To celebrate the life of the great Tata Madiba, to celebrate the beauty of all our people, to just bring a positive vibe to our country; and what a better way than to get everyone together through dance? Mandela’s principles guide us daily at No Danger Diaries and when Mandela said “its music and dancing that make me at peace at the world” we couldn’t agree more. So we really just wanted to play our part when he said to our country ‘it’s in your hands now’”.

So how do you get involved, well it’s simple really:

Firstly – go to the website , make your donation, and upload your video of you dancing the Madiba jive to the website. The website will send you a 67second music clip to accompany your video, and you will then be sent a full 67minute jive mix that you can dance your heart out to.

This video will form part of a global series of Jive videos to create the greatest Madiba Jive tribute ever done.

Then secondly, you can participate in the activities at a dance station in your city. There will be dance stations in Joburg, Cape Town and London. Find out more about the itinerary here

Watch the No Danger Diaries crew online here  as they attempt to dance for 67hours to create spaces of unity for all people to join!

“We’re all about sharing as much joy as possible” said Grant Ross, one of the co-founders of No Danger Diaries, “so when we were planning for Mandela Day, we wanted to share our time beyond the 67minutes and we wanted to do something that everyone could get involved in. When we thought about doing 67hours of dance instead of 67 minutes we were like… that’s a No Danger task right there!”