Lancome and Fashion Media empower all women to achieve beauty, femininity and French elegance

To attract interest to beauty brand Lancome’s ‘For You’ campaign, Primedia Unlimited’s Fashion Media dominated promotional areas within five of Edgar’s top stores across the country. 

“The main thrust of the campaign was to promote Lancome’s Gift with Purchase offering on our Activation Pad platform which is a dedicated area within the store,” says Fashion Media CEO Sean Reed. “To maximise awareness of the activation we had top make-up artists offering clients free product trials and advice.”

“We believe that by including a hands-on experience element such as this, the advertiser maximises advertising return on investment.”

To increase the reach, the two week promotion also made use of promotional hotspots within 20 of Edgars’ national stores and was supplemented with window displays and sensomatic sleeve branding.

“The Lancome ‘For You’ campaign was innovative, eye catching and unique. The dark, rich colours that were used exuberated love – love for Lancome’s products and love for oneself,” he says. ‘My Lancome’ celebrates a world of beauty and happiness; to love the women in you.”

Reed concludes by stating, “We are confident that this campaign communicated the brand’s message effectively and created consistency throughout.”