Phoenix Distribution distributes Logitech throughout Africa

Simon (2) (427x640)Phoenix Distribution, Africa’s top broad based distributor of software, is distributing peripheral vendor Logitech’s flagship offerings including mice, keyboards, Web cams, speakers and notebooks accessories, across Africa.

Phoenix currently covers software publishing, localisation and distribution across multiple territories in Africa, in multiple languages.

Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution, says the partnership is in line with Phoenix’s vision to be the top ICT distributor on the continent, and be a key driver for technology growth in Africa. “We are perfectly placed to grow Logitech’s presence on the continent, as we have several offices and warehouses statically placed to serve all our African customers.”

“Phoenix’s strong channel network and excellent partnerships make it easy for us to bring affordable and usable products to Africa. We have built an efficient distribution network, and have evolved into a world-class company with highly developed processes, infrastructure and corporate governance.”

Campbell-Young adds that Phoenix is excited about growing the Logitech brand across the African region. “Our unmatched efficiency, strong customer focus and performance have earned us many commendations from our partners. The combination of our people, strategy, logistics and network have placed us in the best position to promote Logitech on the continent.”

Campbell-Young says several years ago, Phoenix developed strong competencies and structures to support its expansion goals and began to grow its geographic reach and product portfolio to entrench its market leadership, and build an unrivalled distribution network across the African Continent.  “This is one of the many reasons why Phoenix is delighted to be adding Logitech’s market-leading range of peripherals to the Phoenix stable, as these products complement Phoenix’s portfolio, and allow us to offer these products to all its African customers, wherever they are based.”