THL levels playing field across Africa’s mobile phone marketplace

Group shot (640x442)THL, part of the Shenzhen Hongjiayuan Communication Technology Co. Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specialising in smartphone R&D, production, sales and service, yesterday announced the launch of its cost-effective and technology leading range of ultra-phones to the African marketplace. 

Through its partnership with THL Africa Distributors, THL aims to provide the consumer with a smartphone that is both affordable and of superior quality, thereby levelling the playing fields and ensuring that the latest in smartphone technology is available across all LSMs within Africa’s consumer base.

“At THL, our core philosophy is that of ‘true benefit to consumers’”, says Marc Themba, CEO, THL Africa. “With the emerging market’s need and desire to have access to sophisticated technology at an affordable price, we see Africa as a key strategic environment in which to launch our range of ultra-phones that truly do answer this need,” he continues.

“Africa is ready for high-quality, but affordable, ultra-phones,” adds Themba. “The THL range is the perfect answer, providing the mass market with a quality, yet cost-effective option previously not available.”

Building on its unprecedented success in the Chinese market, which saw rapid uptake since its launch in April 2011, THL aims to be the most affordable and preferred brand of ultra-phones across all households.  “Our marketing philosophy is simple,” says Sammie He, International Relations Director. “We provide consumers with the opportunity to truly experience the product within our experiential stores.” Consumers have the chance to completely engage with the product – touch, feel and experience, before making the decision to purchase.
Quality and service are also key focus areas. “We have a fully automated production line, complete with quality inspection service,” continues Themba. Further, consumers have access to national and provincial customer service centres across all major geographies together with a 24 hour professional customer service team.  “Design is another key area that receives a lot of attention,” says Themba. Not only do consumers want a smartphone that is, at least, technically on a par with what is available, but they want it to look good as well. “Simple yet fashionable, with a strong emphasis on the visual experience, has been another key contributor towards our success.” In addition, the THL ultra-phone battery lasts up to five days, on a single charge and can interconnect to charge other smartphones.


Available to the South African market from November 2015, the offering will include 12 of the available 14 handsets. “We have a product for every LSM group,” says Reggie Masilo, Chief Strategy Officer, THL Africa. “However, we will be focusing on the lower end of the market, providing true value and benefit to those who have not yet had access to ultra-phones.”


“THL products are changing the way the smartphone market is viewed,” continues Masilo. “It is making it affordable for all consumers to now have access to the latest technology and ultra-phone functionality. We are excited to be part of bringing this new mobile world to Africa and its consumers.”