Emerald Resort & Casino pledges R67 000 for Mandela Day

emeraldAs part of Emerald Resort & Casino’s overall Mandela Day celebrations, the company will be donating R67 000 to Polokong Children’s Village.

Nelson Mandela said, “The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children.”

“We know that children were extremely close to Mandela’s heart, and this is illustrated by the legacy that he has left behind in the form of his children’s fund and hospital,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “To celebrate this legacy we too believe that we must assist the institutions that provide safe and caring homes for the children in the community.

I would also personally like to thank Caesars Entertainment UK who contributed greatly in making this donation possible.”

Polokong Children’s Village are committed to being a safe, caring children’s home, with the best facilities, providing care and counselling of children from 18 months to 18 years who are committed by the court. In addition, the home serves the community by providing aftercare and a food scheme project to about 200 children from child headed families in the area.

According to Louise Coxen, Manager at Polokong Children’s Village, “Some of our most pressing requirements are heavy duty washing machines, exterior painting of the five houses and the replacement of gutters. This donation will go a long way in assisting us to achieve these necessities.”

In keeping with the theme of education through entertainment, Emerald Resort & Casino have invited the kids from Polokong Children’s Village to spend 67 minutes at their Animal World. Here they will be able to interact with different animals and take part in guided zoo tours, game drives and educational talks accompanied by a light lunch.

Emerald Resort & Casino staff will be volunteering their time and collecting new and used educational books and toys which will also be donated to the home. Additionally, they will be spending their 67 minutes with the kids by assisting with the various planned activities.

“We feel strongly that education is a crucial part for all children, whether it’s academic or a sustainable environment, it matters in the long run,” concludes Tanuja. “We really are looking forward to seeing all the smiling faces visiting us on the 18th of July.”

For information on how you can assist this charity, contact them on 016 596 1140 or see more at: http://www.charitysa.co.za/polokong-childrens-village.html