UFO spreads the word for Discovery Insure

Discovery InsureDiscovery Insure has selected a PocketMedia Solutions’ Unidentified Folding Object (UFO) to communicate with its target audience about its ‘Five reasons to choose Discovery Insure’ campaign.

The UFO, which resembles a paper rubik’s cube, has a continuous folding mechanism that reveals the five reasons why you should choose Discovery Insure, namely you get comprehensive car and home insurance with unique benefits; you can get up to 50% of your fuel spend back every month; you get the latest in global technology to become a better driver; Discovery Insure provides you with immediate assistance if you’re in a severe accident; and 18-25-year-olds who drive well get 25% of their premiums back.

Booked by Discovery Insure and designed by Global Mouse, the UFO is being distributed at special events, conferences and promotions.

“We decided to go with a UFO because it is so unique and it makes the client engage with the copy more than they would with a traditional flyer,” says Discovery Insure’s Head of Marketing, Jacqui Swart.