Bigger is better as XP Digital rolls out 65” screens

xpdigitalPrimedia Unlimited’s XP Digital has the sole advertising rights to high definition LED screens located at dispensary points within Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide. To add further impetus to its media arsenal, the company is rolling out 65” HD screens in the retailer’s top 20 pharmacies.

This move is the latest in innovation by XP Digital to separate itself from run of the mill retail advertising options and setting the benchmark in in-store digital media platforms.

JD Henderson, Managing Director of XP Digital, says: “Installing the larger sized HD screens has been on the cards for some time, and forms part of a broader strategic focus for the company.”

He outlines the advantages of the new offering for advertisers:”The screens are located at the dispensaries, where there is a captivate audience. With little else to do while waiting for their medication and OTC products, advertising messages on our screens provide entertaining and informative content which customers can either engage the pharmacist on, or purchase on their way to the tills.”

“Our clients are excited about the increased prominent branding due to the size of these screens and with our monitoring interface, we can monitor or alter content as needed 24/7,” says JD.

“We, and many of our advertising clients, are keen to see the roll out of new campaigns on the bigger screens and we’re confident that the increased visibility will also translate into our advertisers’ bottom lines.”