CRS Technologies offers Knowledge Hub empowerment

james 2015Human Capital Management (HCM) and HR services specialist CRS Technologies has centralised its expertise and technology to develop a 24/7 Knowledge Hub. This resource offers learning interventions to support clients with skills development and training.

According to the company over 25% of learners within organisations need to connect with learning resources daily to effectively perform their job.

“We believe this statistic will only increase with time,” says James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies.

“It has also been said that learning leaders will need to establish their role as a conduit to business success, not through better program design, but through better learning infrastructure, access to information, and, adaptable learning opportunities for wider audiences.”


This is a continuous process which requires a proactive approach to aligning leaders and resources within the business McKerrell explains.


CRS Technologies believes that the need to acquire and retain sought-after technical skills sets is increasing.


The evolution of ICT environments and digitisation of core infrastructure means that businesses have to rely on critical high-tech skills says McKerrell.


The reality of the market today is that not every business has the resources, expertise and experience to achieve this level of alignment of skills.


“This process sounds straightforward, but the truth is that businesses need support from experts in the learning and people development space,” he says.


The CRS Technologies Knowledge Hub offers information, insight, product knowledge and best practices.


All this comes in handy for decision makers wrapping their heads around the challenges that come with skills development and application, the company says.


The Knowledge Hub represents the type of initiatives that are being taken by experts to widen access to resources and assist clients using multiple channels. “We believe it will make a significant difference to clients,” McKerrell adds.