Bank of China launches campaign with Airport Ads

Bank of China (640x360)Air travellers arriving at OR Tambo International Airport will be graced by a large scale wall branding for the Bank of China. The site covers over 30 metres in length and features an intricately designed creative that successfully captures the attention and the imagination.

The static site is located in the northern port near the heritage corridor, and is visible to travellers soon after they disembark and make their way to passport control. Through the Airport Ads campaign, Bank of China – which has been operating in South Africa for 15 years – aims to target Chinese companies as well as local companies dealing with China.

“The static site allows a brand to tell a story. With over 30 metres of branding space, there is the opportunity for the creative to be big, bold and deliver a message that is highly visual and unfolds as the consumer moves past it, either on foot or via the travellator,” explains Mzukisi Deliwe – Director: Airport Ads.

The messaging targets international travellers and as such it appears in both English and Chinese. “The airport environment offers advertisers a very particular audience. An audience that is affluent, business-orientated and has a keen interest in finance. Bank of China is delivering its messaging to the right consumer in a captive environment. It’s a perfect fit,” concludes Deliwe.