Lucozade brings “Give Me Strength” to life

download (10)The energy drink market is saturated with brands offering consumers energy to perform at their peak for sports pursuits. However, Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) Johannesburg created a whole new target audience – everyday people. Lucozade then became about giving consumers energy to tackle exhausting everyday moments. Those “Give Me Strength” moments.


O&M Johannesburg used radio, TV, print and digital platforms to highlight the idea and more importantly, to demonstrate how Lucozade can give you the energy to overcome daily arduous tasks.


Talking about the vision behind the campaign, Suntory’s Group Product Manager SA & OSA – Monique Hamman, commented, “It will establish Lucozade demonstrating the relevance of the brand as THE everyday energy drink.  The campaign is an inspiring message that will help drive the relevance and connection with the brand and will allow consumers to understand that Lucozade is the brand that will allow them to embrace life and get the most out of it.”


The radio campaign, which brought home a gold and two bronze Lions at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, symbolises the energising effect of Lucozade in day-to-day scenarios. Endurance enhancing drinks on the market focus their products for consumption when undertaking major physical activities, whereas everyday tasks can also be quite physically taxing. Lucozade helps you overcome those tricky and tiring moments, by “giving-you-strength.”


The creative team created an audio clip embedded on a WeTransfer page for easy access; while the listener is busy downloading the file, the audio “energises” him or her by encouraging them to not give up on the task at hand.


In the print work, the team spoke to people the way they tell each other about their day – through a series of Instagram styled hashtags. These told a story about an exhausting everyday moment and how Lucozade got them through it.



“We set out to make Lucozade more relevant to its consumers. By recognising the demands of everyday living on them, gave us the opportunity to create communication that delivers on the objective through owning the ‘everyday energy’ space,” said Peter Little, Creative Director at O&M Johannesburg.


The following five commercials were created to deliver this message:



This commercial speaks directly to the viewer. Static fills the TV screen and they’re faced with that tedious annoyance of having to get rid of it.

An encouraging voice guides the viewer through the moment, letting them know that it’s ok – because with Lucozade they can get through everyday moments like this.


Water Feature

This is the story of a man who wants to impress his wife with his DIY skills. He started installing a water feature in his garden, but then found that everything went wrong. An inspiring speech by an encouraging voice boosts him to take heart and get some Lucozade so that he can get some energy and finish off this project.


Performance Art

This is the story of a man who is enduring a lengthy performance art show in support of his friend. Finally when he thinks it’s over and he can now go home, he realizes that it’s only half time. An encouraging voice inspires him to grab some Lucozade and get some energy so that he can get through this moment.


Gum in Hair

This is the story of a mother who is struggling to get bubblegum out of her daughter’s hair. It’s an incredibly difficult task that is taking a very long time but a voice encourages her to be strong and get some Lucozade to get some energy and continue in her efforts so that she can be a good mother and not have to cut her daughter’s hair.



Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Johannesburg, South Africa

Chief Creative Officers: Chris Gotz, Pete Case

Executive Creative Directors: Mariana O’Kelly, Neo Mashigo

Creative Directors: Peter Little, Molefi Thulo

Copywriter: David Krueger

Art Director: Tammy Retter

Director: Dean Blumberg

Production House: Bouffant

Executive Producer: Peter Carr

Producers: Chanelle Critchfield, Sanra Broekman, Sarah Davidson

Agency Producer: Juliet Curtis

DOP: Clive Saake

Post Production: Jean Du Plessis / Blade

Art Director / Production Design: Harry Webster

Editor: Tessa Ford

Audio: Louis Enslin / Produce