Integr8’s Veeam Gold Partnership strengthens the datacentre

!cid_3741ABC0-1787-44D5-A72D-51FDD5FEC01D@gateway_pace (640x427)Multiple award winning infrastructure managed services provider Integr8 is a Gold Certified partner of Veeam, a specialist in cloud, storage and backup technology, and this alliance exposes clients to a broader spectrum of products, services and support.


Organisations are modernising their datacentres in order to deliver IT services faster, strengthen security and control, and lower operational costs.


While building modern datacentres, organisations invest in server virtualisation, modern storage applications and cloud-based services.


However, businesses are facing new demands from end users including access to data and applications 24/7, no patience for downtime or data loss, and exponential data growth at 30-50% per year.


Veeam bridges this gap by providing customers with a new kind of solution – availability for the Modern Data Centre™, which is designed to help businesses meet the demands of the always-on business.


The benefits of the Integr8 Veeam partnership include deal registration, marketing funds, sales and technical support, as well as training and accreditation.


“We can add any reference here for a virtualisation project where we consolidated storage and made use of virtualisation to deliver the service. The entire industry is moving towards consolidation and virtualisation, and we had to adapt or lose out. Veeam is taking this opportunity to protect and deliver data across these platforms instantaneously,” says Bennie Strydom, Sales Director at Integr8.


The partnership represents one of the building blocks that enables Integr8 to close the circle of a complete secure backup service offering.


“Integr8 has spent years developing key skills around Veeam in multiple vertical industries and has become the go-to-company for specialist implementations,” adds Strydom.


Veeam is able to leverage Integr8’s established market presence and recognised leadership in the managed ICT services space. The services provider is taking this opportunity to protect and deliver data across multiple platforms instantaneously.