School of Rock amps up for upcoming Pink Floyd The Wall Season Show

!cid_image004_png@01D0CB76Every aspiring musician’s dream is to perform live on stage in front of an audience. School of Rock Claremont, the local leader in performance-based music education, is giving its students a chance to play their hearts out on stage at “The School of Rock Pink Floyd The Wall Season Show” on Saturday 12th September 2015 at The Barnyard Theatre Willowbridge.


Students who are enrolled in our Performance and Adult Performance Programmes, and who are ready for the stage, are being cast into the Season Show.  The show will also see performances by select Rock 101 and Rookies students as well as the School of Rock Artist Music Instructors. The entire show will be produced, directed and choreographed by the Instructors.


“Live performances are the best way for up and coming musicians to experience what it is truly like to be a performing artist,” says Keith Taeuber, Managing Director and Co-owner of School of Rock Claremont.  “We are excited and proud to introduce the future Rock and Roll stars of this next generation”.


“Having Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” as our opening show theme is perfect in displaying our attitude towards the goals and purpose of School Of Rock.  The parallels between counter culture, rebellion and eccentricity are deep-seated in rock and roll. “The Wall” is an iconic display of self-expression, non-conformism and all out rock and roll. For the subdivision of society that would rather rock out than adhere to norms” says Beric Symes, Acting Music Director.


By inspiring the world to rock on stage and in life, School of Rock’s 164 locations, in nine countries on five continents, transforms the lives of kids and adults through music. School of Rock Claremont offers lessons in guitar, bass, keys, vocals, brass and drums. Genres of music studied include, Rock, Reggae, Motown, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Metal, etc. The schools offer individual lessons and performance classes, summer camps and workshops, birthday parties and team building plus other music programmes. In addition to individual private music instruction, students also learn how to jam with their peers in a weekly group session. The team dynamic creates an environment where kids feel inspired to excel and eventually, get the amazing opportunity to perform together as a rock band in front of live audiences.


“These local shows are what bring our performance-based music education programme to life.” says Leigh Spaun, Marketing Director and Co-owner of School of Rock Claremont. “School of Rock is the music school we all wished we had when we were kids, and I look forward to seeing what these students can do on stage in just the few months that we have been open.”


Event Details:


Show: School of Rock Pink Floyd The Wall Season Show


Date: 12 September 2015


Time: 14:00 to 16:00


Where: Barnyard Theatre Willowbridge