Reaping the benefits of home networking

Simon (2) (427x640)A home network goes beyond a bunch of devices with wires running between them. Properly implemented, it is a system that provides its users with unique capabilities, in terms of connectivity and sharing.


Networks allow computers, and their users, to be connected, and enable a fluid and easy sharing of information and resources, and other interactions between devices.


Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution, says there are many benefits of setting up a home network. “Firstly file sharing. Network file sharing between devices gives users far greater flexibility. They can share pictures, music, documents, videos and suchlike. In addition, all important data can be backed up on one or more different machines.”


He says many people have file management systems that are a bit of a mess, spread across different devices and drives, resulting in frantic and last minute searching when trying to find a particular document or file. “Having a home server makes file management far easier. Users can connect external hard drives directly to the router and access the contents from any device that is connected to the home network. This frees up space on your PC and also makes switching between devices far easier.”


Another benefit, he says, is peripheral and printer sharing. “Once the network is set up, all PCs can share a single printer, CD burner, scanner or copier. In this way, documents or emails can be printed out from any computer. Similarly, a home network allows multiple home users to connect to the Internet at the same time, with no need to pay your ISP for each individual connection.”


For game lovers, home networking facilitates multi-player games. “Many games accommodate several players. Home networking ensures no lags and no latency. Similarly, home entertainment products can be integrated into the network, also enabling video sharing, gaming and other features.”


Campbell-Young cites VoIP as another benefit. “VoIP services allow home network users to make and receive phone calls through your their network across the Internet, saving a fortune of money.”


He says TRENDnet’s home networking range allows users to do all of this and more. “The Wireless N Home Networking Kit allows users to create a secure high performance wireless network boasting incredible speeds and coverage. The Wireless N Home Router can be easily installed, and the Wireless N USB Adapter used to connect a laptop or desktop at the touch of a button with one-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup technology.”


In addition, he says the products feature the latest in wireless encryption technology as well as a double firewall to safeguard the family’s most precious data. “Advanced antenna technology delivers expansive coverage and minimises wireless dead spots. Finally, a quick and easy installation process, remote management capabilities and a three-year limited warranty make this kit well suited for anyone’s most demanding home networking needs.”