Score with Emerald Resort & Casino’s Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer (640x334)Imagine being ensconced in a great big inflatable Zorb ball, now imagine bouncing around and rolling across green turf while attempting to play soccer and score a goal. Welcome to Emerald Resort & Casino’s new Bubble Soccer!


“It’s perfectly safe for the entire family,” says Laurent Pacariz, Leisure and Entertainment Manager at Emerald Resort & Casino. “In fact, you’ll probably be laughing really hard as you watch friends, family or colleagues rolling around on the soccer pitch, legs in the air, trying to score goals in their opponent’s net.”


Zorb or bubble soccer is a relatively new recreational pastime or sport which in essence is a cross between soccer and zorbing (Zorbing is an activity where individuals roll down a surface, including water, in a giant plastic orb). The objective, like soccer, is to win the game by scoring more goals than the opposing team. The difference however is that player’s hands remain inside the zorb leaving the legs free to run and handle the ball (and to knock each other down!).


At Emerald Resort & Casino’s Azone (the soccer pitches situated behind the Aquadome), teams of five play bubble soccer with each half being 10 minutes in duration. It is suggested that participants wear sports clothing and trainers but guests will also be permitted to play barefoot in their swimming costumes.


Zorb soccer has literally taken the world by storm, it can be played by anyone, in any weather (may be even more fun in the wet) and is popular amongst friends looking to participate in a competitive, fun and safe activity. Where else is it within the rules and accepted practice to try and knock the boss over? The sport then becomes ideal for corporate team building and parties.


Bubble Soccer will be launched soon.