Inova Pharma and TLC show that bones matter for life

B-CAL-DM TLC Skeleton A4 Advert  (478x640)Inova Pharma is promoting its B-Cal-DM calcium supplement with Vitamin D and Magnesium, through Primedia Unlimited’s washroom advertising subsidiary TLC. 

“The creative is quite striking and consumers can see at a glance what the core message of the campaign is,” says Cara Woods, Account Manager for TLC. “The A4 poster in thewashroom shows an image depicting a half woman half skeleton with the wording ‘a perfect exterior could be masking a crumbling interior’ and provides all the relevant product information.”

“In an environment where consumers have little other distraction, they can comfortably absorb the message and also purchase the product from the mall they’re already in. The dual purpose of this type of advertising informs and reminds while also acting as a call to action.”

The three month campaign is running in male and female washrooms in LSM A malls around the country, and stresses that consumers should pay more attention to their bone health.