Looking at the business side of Showbiz

Darlene  Menzies, CEO of SMEasy (427x640)It’s all about showbiz, glitz and glamour! That’s what some may think, but just like in any other sector, those in the arts and entertainment fields run serious businesses and the more informed they are, the better chance they have of succeeding in a competitive and demanding environment. 


With this is mind Darlene Menzies, CEO of SMEasy, will be sharing her insights on financial management at the upcoming SEAexpo (Showbiz Entertainment Arts Expo) in Johannesburg.


Touted as a must attend event for every ‘Talent Manager, DJ, Musician, Actor, Comedian, Singer, Dancer, Agent, Model or any talent in the entertainment industry’, the SEAexpo promises to give direction to those ready to grow their businesses.

Menzies – who will talk at 10h35 on the 4th of September – will cover perhaps the most vital aspect of any business, financial management for start-ups and small businesses …made easy.


A fitting talk as Menzies is described on the SEAexpo site as a “seasoned entrepreneur who has experience in raising significant venture capital funding. She has experience in developing practical, easy-to-use software tools for the global small business market.”