Atlassian in Africa events addresses a fast growing market

_MG_96670Atlassian Experts in South Africa team-up to provide local support for Atlassian’s tools in the South African market.

Atlassian in Africa will be hosting events from the 16th – 18th September 2015, in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Go to for more information.

The Atlassian in Africa event will give programmers and IT managers the opportunity to discuss local issues, problem solve and understand more about what Atlassian has to offer in its entire product stack.

Atlassian software and collaboration tools are designed to help all sized businesses to track and share everything, work smarter and contribute towards the development of game-changing software.

“We are seeing the benefits of utilising Atlassian’s tools both in how we implement our services and also in large corporations where time, effort and money can be effectively managed with improved service levels from IT departments.” says Grant Finnemore MD of GuruHut and fellow developer.

Local open source software supplier Obsidian Systems spokesperson Muggie van Staden confirmed the value the alliance offers the market and said “The partnership between GuruHut and Obsidian combines the strengths of both companies to provide a complete solution from procuring a vendor-supported product, deploying on-premise, or a hosted solution, to having available skills in order to customise according to your business processes.”

Atlassian in Africa will cover both technical and management fields. The events will include presentations from speakers David Hislop, Atlassian expert at Korwe Software and Matt Coughlan, South African Experts Manager, and representatives from GuruHut and Obsidian Systems.

There will also be a presentation from Lisa Schaffer, representing the Atlassian User Group. She is passionate about building local Atlassian communities.

“The aim behind these events is to tap into the knowledge of Atlassian’s contemporary frameworks and libraries, learn from the vast experience of presenters, and experience the technology first hand” says Grant Finnemore from GuruHut, Obsidian’s partner.

David Hislop, Managing Director of Korwe, a software company says “Your data will move in your enterprise creating real-time value for your company with unique combination of Atlassian and skills.”