From Marble to Marvel – Italtile’s new tile range

!cid_EADDBDA1-D2DE-436A-B337-DC17339628A6It’s not every day that one thinks about tiles. With client Italtile, the creative team at Blast Brand Catalysts (BBC) ponders little else. Italtile is a leading innovator and trendsetter in tiles. Their Marvel tile range looks every part the glamorous sophistication of marble, but with the maintenance-free convenience of a porcelain tile. The brief to writer Brenton Chelin and Creative Director, Hayden Hochfelden, was to say just that.

BBC strategist Chris Midgley notes: “The tile market remains fairly commoditised. The customer shops first on a look, then price, then weighs up the value in terms of retailer service and trust. Walking into an Italtile showroom, you already know that you will be viewing top quality, premium priced tiles. But you also know you are looking at exclusive ranges that offer high-end interior design. You have already bought into the brand promise of ‘Live beautifully’ when you visit an Italtile showroom.”

Back in 2010, the BBC team was responsible for the rebirth of the Italtile brand personality. Says Hochfelden, “Italtile is about seriously beautiful designer products, but that doesn’t mean we need to take ourselves seriously. There’s a lightness we apply to all Italtile communications. The Marvel tile brief was another iteration of this engaging new personality.”

The idea for the Marvel print campaign was inspired by French artist Leo Caillard who created a sensation wrapping the Louvre sculptures in hipster fashion. Hochfelden points out, “We’re not thinking in terms of traditional advertising executions any longer. Publishing is the new advertising. This is an editorial concept, like the front cover of a glossy fashion magazine. Instead of disappearing into the noise of disruptive advertising around it, Italtile’s advertorial engages the medium and the reader, who wants to indulge beautiful interior design.”

Italtile Marketing Manager, Nicole Russell sums it up. “Italtile is all about trend, style and innovative design. It is also about enjoying the process of interior design. The Marvel tile message puts us centre stage in a lighthearted, entertaining and engaging manner.”