Attix5 enriches backup with V8 Peregrine R4’s Storage Pools

Attix5, a global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, is proud to announce the release of V8 Peregrine R4 – the fastest, most agile version of Attix5 Pro backup software to date. This full product suite release features a large selection of added benefits and bug fixes, with the main attraction being Storage Pools.


This feature will add immediate value to platform owners who’ve had to move data around to manage disk usage for multiple storage servers.


Storage Pools means that detailed storage platform disk management is automated. “When a storage server gets full, we intelligently move some of the backup accounts to a storage server with the most available space, You determine the threshold.”


The offering features VSS Microsoft SQL database and recovery functionality, making it the fastest commercial backup client in the world.


Advantages of this technology to the user includes multiple database instance support, secondary database file and file stream support, as well as VSS selection stability with off-line writer support.


Additional strong points of the solution are that client updates served from backup account relevant storageservers and client updates served from Storageserver, and the storage platform console which means that individual client version support for MSI deployment per storage platform.


“There is also reduced accountserver dependency, which means that virtualrestore and ESE backup and restore can now be done independently from the Accountserver,” says Petrus Human, Attix5 CTO.


V8 Peregrine R4 allows users to backup millions of files and large databases. It features the latest 256-bit AES GCM encryption technology, and there is no impact on local disc usage.


“It is an all-in-one solution that is suited for private, public and hybrid cloud solution. There are a host of advantages to this software, including instant file-level access to backups and administrators can access the aggregated data on the backup drive for testing or data mining purposes,” explains Human.


Backups are immediately available, irrespective of file and folder size, and host location.


“This latest version saves time and money, and there is also no need to copy large amounts of data to dedicated file servers,” he adds.