Drive-time steers advertiser’s message home

AbundantYou are on your way home from work and the radio is on. While your hum and thump the steering wheel to songs, or laugh with the presenters and their listeners, you are contributing to keeping drive-time radio one of the most desirable times for radio advertisers.

Drive-time is the time to have your advertising message heard, and stations give huge thought to ensuring this prime show keeps or grows its share of listeners through a winning mix of music, news, views and entertainment. Crucial to this recipe is a presenter with oodles of personality, general knowledge and an easy-talking style.

Nkopane Maphiri of Abundant Media’s The Media Connection (TMC), a radio airtime sales company servicing community radio throughout the country, confirms that the presenter can make or break a drive-time show. “If your listeners love what you do and how you do it, they will follow you. Content, programming and the features play a big role, of course, but the unique character of community radio drive-time is the social news update and the interaction with listeners on matters relevant to their immediate surroundings.”

Although other shows and times might be more suitable when advertisers want to communicate with a specific market, there is no denying that drive-time offers advertisers the biggest listenership. Maphiri says this can be attributed to:

Listener availability – meaning: More listeners are listening to radio while en-route to work in the mornings and in the afternoon heading home.

Big name presenters – meaning: Big name presenters tend to have a large following of listeners. If people love you, what you do and how you do it – they give you their time.

Great programming – meaning: The way the show is set up is very important. Listeners may love the music played during the show and the types of features (competitions, interactive and engaging means of presenting). This may also include the topics that are covered during the show that may be of sentimental value to the listener.

“Drive-time offers a great audience delivery and interaction platform,” he says.