Demand for smart homes increase as number of SA millionaires grow

KRH (32)Wealthy South Africans are as attuned to luxury and the latest trends as their overseas counterparts and more and more local homeowners are embracing the growing trend to install the latest in cutting-edge home technology solutions.


“The need for smart homes with fully integrated home automation, home cinema, acoustic solutions and the like have been catching on over the last couple of years,” says Nick Caripis, Founder and Managing Director of BNC Technology –­ a Johannesburg-based specialist in home technology solutions.

As connectivity is becoming a way of life Caripis foresees smart homes will soon become the norm among the high-end residential property owners in South Africa, especially since the number of dollar millionaires has climbed by close to 10% since 2007.

According to the latest New World Africa Wealth Report, there could very well be 55 500 super affluent people in South Africa by 2017 and these individuals are by and large also property owners.

The high net worth property owners are BNC Technology’s biggest clientele, as the company specialises in only the best home integration solutions.

Meticulous planning and careful consideration precede all BNC Technology’s installations. “We believe well-laid plans lead to well-executed solutions.”

Caripis is of the view that South African home buyers and those who are planning to renovate should start factoring in potential home automation for the future, especially now that fibre optic connectivity is being implemented.

“Homes are becoming more connected and devices, like smart phones, tablets and TVs, all run on the same network. To get the most of your product and activate all features you simply have to be connected to the internet. With the availability of fibre optics in certain areas live streaming through services like Tidal, Netflix and iTunes Music can add great value to people’s lives and they want to control all these things with their smart phones, as it is simple and convenient.”

The most frequent requests BNC Technology is receiving from clients is to have a single integrated system that can be controlled from a smartphone or remote control. “Clients want a simple, but reliable system that can easily be upgraded and BNC Technology specialises in this kind of service,” Caripis says. As for installations BNC’s turnkey home cinema solutions are very popular. “The sales cycle may be long, but we are confident with our offering,” he says.

The company has also received its quota extraordinary requests, though. “One client wanted music in the pool which is always a winner. We have also proposed a weather station for another client that will monitor the weather and then close his skylight if the wind picks up or begins to rain,” Caripis says.

Smart homes are not only about luxury, though. Home integrated technology solutions should also provide peace of mind with security features and remote access to homes, as well as energy efficiency in an era where consumers are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious.