Waiter, there’s a brand in my movie

image007Ask any PVR user what they love most about the technology? They can fast-forward through ads. Going to the movies? Chances are, you won’t arrive on time because the first half hour is all commercials anyway.

Advances in technology and savvier viewership means consumers now choose what they want to watch, how they want to watch it, and when. Traditional advertising simply doesn’t have the reach it used to. Which is why dexterous media and creative agencies are evolving to find new ways to get brands into the viewer’s line of vision. Content marketing and branded entertainment are two ingenious techniques.

Content marketing for success

Effective brand amplification is borne out of shareable content. Brands are shifting from predictable advertising channels, to generating interesting videos, articles and content consumers will share because of the intrinsic usefulness of the content.

“Years ago, a coffee brand could produce a winning TV ad, sit back and wait for consumers to buy their product. These days, consumers avoid advertising at all costs,” says Margi Sheard, Managing Director of visual solutions provider, Greatstock.

“The same coffee brand will now have a website populated with tips on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, coffee-related recipes and feature articles on the health benefits of drinking two cups a day. And, if they’re really astute, you’ll see James Bond sipping on that same coffee in the next instalment of the series.”

This new approach to marketing gives brands the freedom to develop enduring relationships directly with consumers, which is no easy task in today’s ad-swamped media landscape.

Sheard goes on to explain that well-crafted content can be tough to come by – if leading brands are going to put their name on something, it has to be objectively interesting, factual and exquisitely created.

Greastock now offers a complete content solution for brands looking to become publishers, with world-class editorial and photographic material brands can use to build online or offline repositories. This includes recipes, food photography, incredible wildlife videos and up-to-the-minute news updates – produced both locally and internationally.

“Today’s media landscape is more fluid than it’s ever been before – for brands to be affable, they constantly have to find shrewd approaches to reach their audience, and that’s where Greatstock can assist,” comments Sheard.

Advertising on the move

Branded entertainment is another means of surpassing irrelevant and disruptive advertising. This method immerses brands and products into movies, television shows and video games. Greatstock is the local front runner in this kind of marketing. “Our newest offering presents unlimited opportunities for brands to position their products where they’ll actually be seen,” says Sheard.

Taking the lead from partner agency Corbis, who’ve already helped brands leverage their investment in films like The Wolf of Wall Street (Ray Ban) and series such as House of Cards (Chevrolet), Glee (SodaStream) and The Big Bang Theory (Xbox One). Corbis has exclusive content partnerships with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Universal Studios and Warner Music Group, amongst others.

Engaged audience

“Research shows 73% of viewers find branded entertainment less intrusive than TV ads, while 63% find brands more relatable if they’re immersed in a TV show or movie, as opposed to traditional advertising,” says Sheard. “Instead of getting lost in the sea of sameness, branded entertainment offers the opportunity to gain millions of impressions through an engaged and attentive audience.”