SASKO Bread’s programme calls on Thembisa community

Mike Turner Photography-150917-189 (640x427)They say it takes a village to raise a child and that communities should come together to support each other.  The SASKO Siyasizana Daycare Project is testament of this. It calls on the residents of Thembisa to come together to assist their local daycares by simply collecting used SASKO Bread bags that would otherwise go to waste. Not only is SASKO assisting the daycares, but they’re also creating awareness around pollution and waste reduction.


Launched officially on September 17th, 2015 at the Ivory Park North Hall, Siyasizana – which means we are helping each other – is a project that will see local daycare mamas collecting SASKO Bread bags in order to redeem them for much needed items for their daycares.


Riaz Badroodeen, Brand Manager of SASKO Bread, explains, “In Thembisa households, bread is consumed more than any other starch, and therefore an increasing number of bags go to waste. We decided to call on local daycare mamas to start collecting SASKO Bread bags, and reward them for their efforts.  The bags will be collected and recycled by SASKO, and depending on the amount of bags handed over, the daycares could receive anything from blankets and chairs, through to a microwave or even bigger prizes in return.”


Earlier this year, Caroline Mothlabange of Thembela Daycare in Orlando East, received a fridge in return for her efforts.  Parents of the children in her care and neighbours rallied together to support her by dropping off their empty SASKO Bread bags.


In early January 2016, SASKO Bread will host a prize giving for all participating daycares.  SASKO Siyasizana Daycare Project is an ongoing programme hosted and implemented by SASKO Bread.