Wedge Gardens celebrates South Africa’s diversity

P1140491 (640x480)The residents of Wedge Gardens treatment centre took a proud stand in support of South Africa’s diversity on September 24.

Celebrating Heritage Day one day early, those undergoing treatment at the Rand Aid Association facility sang, danced and acted out their passion for South Africa and its varied people.

The residents divided into groups and each chose a creative way to honour one of South Africa’s cultures, with each act receiving rousing support and encouragement from fellow residents and staff. One resident recited a heartfelt poem aimed at Adél Grobbelaar, who heads up Wedge Gardens:

My Queen Elizabeth, she who plays the role of my Mother Theresa

Mother of all addicts, saviour of all alcoholics

She who floated my Titanic and gave me a second chance at life

Today I don’t just walk, I side step with confidence and this is because you saw my potential and helped me become a better man.

I thank you my Queen Elizabeth.