Heading for stardom

!cid_image003_jpg@01D0B7F5It certainly has been an exciting time for Wyntir, Tana and Mabush over the past two months. The trio, with their fellow rhino at Care for Wild, have had a stream of celebrities coming to the sanctuary to meet and greet them.

Care for Wild had heard earlier that Prince Harry was scheduled to visit on 7 August. Prince Harry is worldwide known for his unwavering support of wildlife. His three-month conservation project in southern Africa was aimed at supporting the black rhino andthe elephant anti-poaching campaign.

“He is working actively with the anti-poaching units inside the Kruger National Park,” Martin Bornman of Care for Wild Africa said. “That is why he has the beard and everything;  he had literally just come out of the bush.”

The excitement did not stop there, because the next visit came from Dr Markus Hofmeyr (head of Veterinary Wildlife Services at South African National Parks) and Dr Jenny Hewlett, accompanied by a group of representatives of Peace Parks Foundation. They stopped by to treat all the rhino at the sanctuary of which the horns had grown to a potential poaching stage. Hofmeyr supervised the removal of them on a number of rhino, Tana and Mabush being among them.

“Our aim is to protect our babies from potential threat,” said Petronel Nieuwoudt, manager of Care for Wild. “We also take this opportunity to treat them with vitamin injections and check on their general health. “

The culmination of excitement was on World Rhino Day with a visit from Braam Malherbe who presented his work, “The Soul Survivors”.  Braam is a sought-after international motivational speaker, extreme adventurer, TV presenter, youth developer, and author of the bestseller The Great Run.  Most importantly is that he is a no-nonsense conservationist. He has an infectious energy that is fed by his lifelong passion to protect the environment.  He inspires countless others to do the same!

With all the primping and preparing for World Rhino Day over, the commemorations something of the past and celebrities returning to their respective lives, it is time for our trio to settle into normal life once again. Next year should be the same when they will be showered with attention and love from all over the world. You never know what is in store for them…