Weylandts introduces specialised interior design division

Adam Court, Chris Weylandt and Kim SmithWeylandts is proud to introduce their new bespoke interior design offering, Weylandts Spaces. Under the guidance of acclaimed interior designer Adam Court, a team of highly specialised designers and decorators will be offering clients a full spectrum service from interior design to tailored furniture to suit the requirements of clients in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.


Weylandts CEO, Chris Weylandt and his partner Kim Smith’s appreciation for unconventional, natural beauty in furniture and design is shared by Adam Court, giving clients the luxurious and sought after aesthetic that Weylandts represents – a distinctive style of Scandinavian design mixed with African mindedness.


Adam’s advice for decorating your space is, “Form follows function first, then add personal accents and idiosyncratic elements. Consider all the details and then personalise your environment …. Don’t cut corners, spoil yourself!”


Weylandts Spaces is supported by Weylandts’ proficient international and national furniture studios, suppliers and logistic networks, ensuring their ability to provide clients with tailor made, luxury furniture in a timeous manner while staying within budget


The offering is broken down into four stages to ensure the client’s needs are catered for from start to finish:


  1. Design Concept – A design concept and furniture layout will be conceptualised from the clients brief
  2. Design Development – A full and final design will be completed including all accessories and enhancements such as art, accessories and accent details
  3. Project Evaluation – A budget and costing will be compiled from all suppliers and manufacturers to fit within the clients specifications
  4. Project Installation – Final ordering of furniture and décor accessories resulting in the installation of the project