Z-CARD Turkey ensures in-store sales for Fa roll-on deodorant

henkelFa, looking for an innovative in-store marketing solution to generate awareness around its tester roll-on deodorant and to provide customers with a voucher to purchase the product, turned to Z-CARD Turkey for an all-in-one solution.

Z-CARD Turkey produced a custom-sized Bottle Hang, with a tear off voucher at the back, which was placed around the deodorant sticks in-store.

“The goal of the campaign was to promote the product and increase sales amongst the youth,” explains Hanife Yüksel from Z-CARD Turkey, part of Z-CARD Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey (ZAMI).

“Testers were thus also distributed at events, university festivals and concerts. It was a compact, all-in-one solution, with information about the deodorant inside the Z-CARD and the voucher attached at the back,” she adds.